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"What Makes Web Visitors Pull Out Their 
Credit Cards and Buy What You're Selling?"

Why You Must Learn the Psychology Behind Sales-Producing Web Copy

by Maria Veloso, Director of Web Copywriting University

Here's a quick marketing quiz that could make a dramatic impact on the amount of money you earn on the Web.  Answer these 5 questions:
(Simply check YES or NO)                                                                                          

  1. Do you want to learn psychological devices you can use on your website that can make people pull out their credit cards and buy what you’re selling?                                                   YES    NO

  2. Do you want a website that sells phenomenally well even during the worst economic times -- even in highly competitive markets -- and even when the price of your product or service is well above your competitors' prices?                                           YES    NO

  3. Do you want to boost your website sales and profits significantly without spending a single penny?                         YES    NO

  4. Do you want to discover little-known involvement devices that can easily double or triple your website sales overnight?

  5. Do you want to instantly conquer the top 3 mistakes that keep 9 out of 10 commercial websites from making as much money as they’d like to make?                                                     YES    NO

If you answered YES to any (or all) of the above, the good news is this:

You can easily achieve all these things you want with the specialized knowledge I’m about to reveal in this article.

"Fantastic, absolutely amazing, Maria ... my sales TRIPLED the very next day ... and I've maintained at least a 200%-300% sales improvement over the previous average daily sales.  There are even days that my website does 6 times the sales it used to do.  Oh, and by the way, my opt-ins have improved by 35%!" 

Jeff Staniforth, Australia's Leading Motivational Expert,

Whether you're a website owner, a Webmaster, an Internet Marketer, a marketing executive, a Writer or Copywriter, this article will literally revolutionize your career, your business and your pocketbook.

In the next 5 minutes, as you read every word of this article, you'll discover how to write irresistible words on your website that compel your prospects to buy what you're selling -- and convert 15%, 25% -- even 50% -- of your website visitors into customers.  You'll learn the curious buying habits of the Internet buying public and use them to your advantage to sell any product or service on the Web effectively.  

You will also ...

  • learn why writing web copy is distinctly different from writing sales copy for the offline (brick-and-mortar) world -- why 99.9% of websites are missing the mark -- and how it's costing them the customers, sales and profits they ought to have;

  • find out how to mathematically calculate the selling ability of your website, and then easily maximize your website's selling quotient so that you can convert more clicks into sales;  

  • learn how to use psychological secrets without detection to get your online prospects to comply with your commands, that is -- buy, subscribe, agree or do anything you ask them to; and  

  • discover why some websites get truckloads of sales while others barely make enough to cover their expenses.  (You need to know this so that you can avoid settling for a meager Web income.)

You'll also get a sneak preview of -- and sizzling excerpts from -- my new book, "Web Copy That Sells:  The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time." [Click here to get a 32% discount for a limited time only.]


"If you have a website, or if you do any kind of marketing on the Internet, you must read this book.  Maria Veloso has created the definitive guide to using the power of words to sell any product or service on the Web.

"Maria is certainly a world-class copywriter.  When it comes to direct-response web copy, she is -- hands-down -- the best."

-- Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of "Guerrilla Marketing," the best-selling marketing series of books in history

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"It's Right on the Money!"

If you learned no other skill but the skill of writing direct-response web copy that sells, you'll make exceedingly more money than you could possibly imagine.

The sad fact is that the vast majority of online entrepreneurs don't know how to write web copy that sells.  Many might think they know how to do it just because they're familiar with general copywriting principles -- but they're sadly mistaken.  

Even some of the best professional copywriters for the offline markets are not proficient at all in writing effective copy for the Web.  (I'll give you a case study in a moment to prove this beyond all doubt.)  Just because someone is a skilled writer for the offline markets doesn't mean his writing skills automatically translate into effective web copywriting. 

"Maria Veloso's ' Web Copy That Sells' is the only book on the market that can teach anyone how to write psychologically mesmerizing sales copy that gets readers salivating for your product or service. You simply won't know the value of this book until you read it and try out her incredible copywriting techniques for yourself.  This book should be on every online marketer's desktop." 

-- Joel Christopher, Master List Builder, Publisher of Access-2-Success Ezine,

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Why Writing Web Copy is Distinctly Different from Writing 
Sales Copy for the Offline (Brick-and-Mortar) World

There are so many talented copywriters who can write for the offline world -- but there's only a small handful of skilled web copywriters who can write effectively for the online world.

MYTH: A copywriter who can write compelling copy for the brick-and-mortar world (e.g., direct marketing), is also proficient at writing web copy.  Wrong!

Copywriting principles that work offline (direct mail, print advertising, radio/TV, etc.) don't necessarily work on the Web. In fact, oftentimes writing in the style of offline copywriters is actually counterproductive to online sales.

I'm sure you've heard websites referred to as "24/7 selling machines that make money for you while you sleep."  Yet 95% of websites are not making money, according to some industry estimates.  


Because most people haven't learned how to write the words that appeal to the Internet buying public.  They haven't figured out that the Web has a culture all its own.  It has it's own mindset, its own psychology, and even its own language.  What works well in the offline world does not necessarily work in the online world.

DID YOU KNOW... that there's a persuasion device that gets your web visitors to commit to the sale long before they've even read your sales pitch?  (See Chapter 3, page 77.) 

What Rocket Science Can Teach You About Igniting Your 
Website Sales

When a space station gets ready to launch a rocket into space, it initiates a launch sequence consisting of a series of precise steps that lead to  blast off.  Similarly, you need to activate the buying sequence of your website visitors -- that is, go through a series of steps -- before going for the sale.

The problem with most online marketers is that they start selling from the get go, the moment their web visitors arrive at their site -- long before their visitors have been primed to buy.  

"Web Copy That Sells belongs on the desktop of any eMarketer who wants to make more sales and profits without spending a nickel more on advertising.

"Maria's web copy tips and techniques are like oxygen that'll breath more life into your Websites and email campaigns.

Chapter 3 alone is worth 100 times
the price you'll pay for this copywriting book. 
So use your mouse and click on the 'Order Now' button before your competitors beat you to the punch!

Alex Mandossian, Web traffic conversion strategist
and President of

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In face-to-face selling scenarios, a salesperson receives buying signals from the prospect that tells him it's time to close the sale.  Online, there are no such buying signals that tell the seller when to go for the kill.  So, more often than not, the sales pitch is made too soon.

Skillful web copy entails a simple 5-step process that prepares the web visitor to make a purchase decision.  The sales pitch needs to be presented after the 4th step -- not sooner.  Most people jump the gun and start pitching way before the time's right.

In my new book, "Web Copy That Sells:  The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time," I reveal the exact moment your website visitors reach their highest buying temperature -- when they're most likely to buy -- so that you can snatch that moment and cinch the sale every time.

"In October 2000, two months after she (Maria Veloso) started working for me, she handed me a six-page copy piece that pulled in $18,000 in 2 days.  That was when I was convinced she was a killer copywriter.

"If you're tempted to take the concepts she presents in her book for granted, I'm here to tell you that you're walking past a gold mine.  The information in this book is well-founded and accurate... and indescribably powerful.  I encourage you to use it ethically to take your online sales
-- or your copywriting career if you're a copywriter -- to the highest level."

-- Excerpt from the book's Foreword by Mark Joyner, #1 Best-Selling Author of

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CASE STUDY:  A well-known direct marketing duo (whom I'll refer to as Keith and Michael to protect their privacy) recently wrote a 13-page sales letter that pulled an amazing 7.1% conversion rate when sent to a million people via direct mail.

Spurred on by their success, they tried to duplicate their offline results on the Web.  Ironically, when they ran that exact same sales letter on their website word-for-word, and drove a million people to their website, it flunked big time!  They got only 15 orders -- a dismal 0.0015% conversion.

Why?  Because the web copy was nothing but a blatant sales pitch.  Keith and Michael didn't know how to activate their web visitors' buying sequence -- and so they pitched them prematurely, and their sales message fell on deaf ears.    

3 Crucial

  1. Marketing principles that work well for the offline markets don't necessarily work for the online population.  


  2. There are distinctive and important differences between the way consumers behave, respond and react to online sales messages -- and the way they behave, respond and react to offline sales messages. 


  3. The Internet is not an advertising medium -- or one huge shopping channel.    So don't make your website look like an ad.  On an average day, each one of us is bombarded with 3,500 commercial messages -- from TV, billboards, radio, the Internet and practically everywhere we turn.  The last thing we want to see when we land on a website is yet another ad.

Excerpt from "Web Copy That Sells: 
The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time

"People online do not want to get sold to.  A study conducted by web usability experts John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen ( showed that web users "detest anything that seems like marketing fluff or overly hyped language ('marketese') and prefer factual information."  If web visitors ever do get "sold" on something, they first want to be finessed -- not bombarded by blatant advertising. 

Therefore, you must have compelling content -- expertly crafted for hidden selling.  In plain English, this means:  Develop irresistible content that slides smoothly into a "covert" sales pitch for your product.  This is the "finessing" that net surfers most often respond to.

"When you wrap your advertising message within the soft cushions of a good editorial piece, you position yourself as an expert.  What's more, you get to be the good guy who gives valuable information, not the slick "hype-ster" who's out to pry dollars out of people's wallets.  

"This kind of cyber-journalism -- sometimes referred to as editorial marketing -- is the new profit-building model for the most successful websites on the Internet."

o o o o o o o

Learn my proprietary warp speed web copywriting that will enable you to easily master the skill of writing sales-pulling web copy in 5 hours or less -- even if you've never written one word of copy in your life.  (See Chapter 1, page 31.) 


Marketing Alchemy -- The Science of Turning Words Into Money

My name is Maria Veloso.  I've had over 27 years of copywriting experience -- and for the last 8 years, I've specialized in writing "killer copy" specifically for the Web.  My clients and fellow copywriters have dubbed me the "killer copywriter" and "the best-kept copywriting secret on the Web" and "simply the best web copywriter on the Internet today." [See rave reviews.]

Before I founded Web Copywriting University, I was the Director of Creative Web Writing at the world famous Aesop Marketing Corporation.  I had the good fortune of working side by side with Aesop's CEO, Mark Joyner, one of the pioneers and leading experts of Internet Marketing, and who's a certified marketing genius.

I have to admit that I owe a large part of what I know about web copywriting to Mark (who's both my mentor and friend) and to the growing body of marketing intelligence I was privileged to witness at Aesop.  

While there, I was able to see first-hand the awesome power and magnitude of the Internet when it comes to selling a product or service.  The drill was simple.  Under Mark Joyner's direction, I'd write the website  copy for a new product or service we happened to be promoting on a given week.  Then, I'd write an e-mail to compel the people on our mailing lists to visit the new website we created.

Within as little as a few minutes, orders would come flooding in from all over the world -- sometimes thousands of orders in a single day.  The sales volume was such that Mark had to hire more and more people just to keep up with the orders and the growing number of customers.  

Some people call this phenomenon "creating money out of thin air."  I call it marketing alchemy.  Whereas alchemy is the science that turns base metals into gold, web copywriting is the science (and art) of turning words into money.  The right words make the crucial difference between mediocre and blockbuster sales when it comes to marketing on the Web.

This book is amazing...

"This book is a must have.  I’m a good writer ...but before I read this book, I didn’t have a clue how to write web copy.  I didn’t really know how to get people to read my whole website and buy.  I became so frustrated when I would look at my site stats.  I noticed that people would go to my website, but they would only stay for a few seconds max.  I did some research and I came across Web Copy That Sells.  Since using the tips and suggestions that Maria talks about… I have seen a complete turnaround in how long people stay on my site.  I am also able to close more sales for first time visitors.  This book is amazing!"
(Click here to read the entire amazing text of this testimonial and other rave reviews.)

-- Rachel Johnson, Website Owner and Copywriter, Miami, Florida

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Now, stay with me and listen closely.  You are reading the chronicle of events leading to the discovery of little-known principles that I've used to help my clients sell over 35 million dollars' worth of products and services.

My rigorous training with Mark Joyner, as well as the specialized knowledge I've amassed in my 8 years as a web copywriter, have given me the privilege of knowing exactly what works and what doesn't work when it comes to selling on the World Wide Web.

The good news is that you are about to reap the benefits of my experience in a way that will line your pockets with online profits for life.

"Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you a simple formula that would show you, step-by-step, how to put your website visitors in a buying trance — opening up their wallets and handing you their hard-earned money?

"After spending thousands upon thousands of dollars getting information from almost every internet and marketing expert out there, I can say, that without a doubt, Maria Veloso's book is the best investment that anyone wanting a profitable career on the Internet could make."  (Click here to read the entire amazing text of this testimonial and other rave reviews.)

--Rick Miller, Internet Market Biz newsletter,

When I founded Web Copywriting University in 2002, my teachings gained worldwide acclaim -- and attracted the attention of a prominent literary agent who represents such luminaries as Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" fame). 

To make a long story short, this literary agent urged me to distill my teachings into a book, and she quickly landed a publishing deal for it with a prestigious New York publishing house.  

That book, of course, is "Web Copy That Sells:  The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time" -- and the good news is that it has just recently been released.  Now you, too, can discover the powerful concepts that will compel people to pull out their credit cards and buy what you're selling.  

Why This is Not an Ordinary Book

For the past several months, while my book was in its pre-publication phase, my publisher allowed me to market its electronic (eBook) edition online.  As my agent had predicted, it was a runaway success -- and I'm delighted to say that my book received nothing but rave reviews.

"Without a doubt, Maria Veloso 'wrote the book' on how to turn a website into a selling machine.  Web Copy That Sells is among the most important marketing books ever written.  It should be required reading for all Internet marketers, webmasters and copywriters.  Maria has simplified the craft of writing direct-response web copy down to an easy, step-by-step blueprint that is so appealing even my wife has decided to become a copywriter!"

-- Tim Russ, Editor, Candle Light Magazine

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Here's why "Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time" is unlike any other book available on the market:

1.   It's the only book specializing in direct-response copy specifically designed to appeal to the Internet buying public.   Unlike other copywriting books available out there, it features my unique web copywriting model (trademarked Web Copy That Sells™) that has been proven to sell a wide array of products and services on the Internet.  I'm not saying that other styles of web copywriting don't pull in any sales.  I'm simply saying, "Why use a spade when a shovel excavator does a better job?  Why use a hand gun when you can use heavy artillery?  Why use an inferior style of web copywriting when you can use one that's proven to pull in big bucks? 

2.   It features a systematic, step-by-step approach to  writing web copy that sells -- from start to finish After reading this book and learning the precise concepts, anyone can write world class web copy.  Unlike other copywriting books that offer a kitchen sink full of tips, techniques and general guidelines, "Web Copy That Sells" gives a specific, hands-on approach to creating sales-pulling web copy from scratch.

3.   The concepts presented in the book are all proven  (through *extensive scientific testing*) to sell like crazy.  Concepts presented in the other copywriting books, on the other hand, are primarily untested and unproven.  Most of them sound good, and seem to make logical sense because they are "borrowed" from offline marketing principles -- but in truth, they don't work well on the Web.  

4.   This is the only book that shows you how to be remarkably persuasive on the Web by using powerful psychological principles that turn skeptical prospects into eager buyers.  These are battle-tested devices of influence that are proven to yield massive sales results online. 

5.   While other copywriting books offer no focused way of crafting web copy, "Web Copy That Sells" reveals my very own Million-Dollar Blueprint that makes the process of web copywriting incredibly easy.

6.   "Web Copy That Sells" also features my proprietary Formula for Mathematically Measuring the Selling Quotient (S.Q.) of a website.  This is an awesome tool that comes with its own program for automatically calculating and evaluating the selling ability of web copy -- and for refining existing web copy so that your website becomes a money machine in perpetual motion.  

7.   "Web Copy That Sells" is an encapsulation of the material I taught in my Web Copywriting Mastery Course, for which students from all over the world paid $997 apiece to attend.  Now, you can have the same high-octane web copywriting lessons in 198 information-packed pages that you can learn at your own pace.

This is the Only Book on the Planet Where You Can Get This Information

Here's a sneak peek at what you're going to find when you get your hands on Web Copy That Sells:  The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time:

  • The incredible Formula for Measuring the Selling Quotient of a Website  -- This proprietary formula, which I invented, has been one of the most celebrated highlights of my Web Copywriting Mastery Course.  It comes with its own CGI script that mathematically calculates a website's selling "score" -- and it's been called the "killer app of web copywriting."  It not only enables you to accurately grade the selling ability of any web copy, but also has a built-in checklist that can help you easily get your web copy to its maximum selling potential See Page 129

  • The top 3 blunders people make when writing website copy -- and how they can wipe out all your potential sales and profits.   This alone will dramatically shorten your learning curve by enabling you to avoid mistakes that would take years to detect, let alone overcome.  See Page 10.

  • Most websites violate little-known sales principles that are unique to the Web.  They employ copywriting principles that work well for the offline (brick-and-mortar) world -- not knowing that those so-called "universal" principles are diametrically opposed to the buying habits of online consumers.  Countless marketers and copywriters build their online businesses upon these misconceptions that are killing sales in the process.  See Page 22.

  • How to write marketing communications (e-mails that sizzle, attention-grabbing ad copy, irresistible free reports, newsletters/ezines, autoresponder messages, etc.) in a way that dramatically boosts your website sales. Having big, fat mailing lists won't make you any money until you learn this!  These can sometimes represent 90% of the sales you can make online.  See Pages 173 - 192.

  • How to take lackluster web copy (poor visitor-to-sales conversion ratio), apply a few psychological tactics, and make the website a "perpetual money machine." If you offer to do this for other people's websites, you'll have more clients throwing money at you than you can imagine.  See Page 89.

  • The million-dollar blueprint for writing web copy that sells -- just ask 5 simple questions, and when you get the answers, your web copy will virtually write itself! You'll never have writer's block -- or stare at a blank screen -- ever again! (Don't laugh -- but my brain was doing cartwheels and backflips when I first discovered this blueprint months ago! This will slash 80% off your copywriting time.)  See Page 33.

  • How to expertly craft questions that make your reader sell himself (or herself) on your product or service.  See Page 21.

  • How to use clever, but innocent-looking devices in the first 100 words of your copy that instantly get your readers "caught in the web" of your sales process -- and become willing buyers of whatever you're selling.  See Page 19.

  • There is a word that is commonly used in almost all online copy I've ever read, that if you simply replaced it with another word, will account for a significantly higher conversion of web visitors to customers. Simply search for all instances of this word in your copy, and replace it with the word I'm going to give you -- and voila! Sit back and watch your website's sales soar.  See Page 60.

  • Why you should never model your web copy on successful websites indiscriminately -- you run the risk of modeling mediocre elements, and missing the undetectable ones that really matter. I'll show you the underlying principles of powerful web copy that you must model so that your copy will produce results consistently.  See Page 11.

  • How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategically to maximize the persuasiveness of your web copy and all your marketing communications. I'll teach you the sneaky way to use NLP to "fly beneath the radar" of your readers' perception -- without making your copy appear clunky, contrived and verbose (as NLP tends to be).  See Pages 67-76.

  • How to trigger your prospect’s buying mode by using secret codes in your copy that cause the prospect to buy without any resistance.  See Page 72-73.

  • How to find the most riveting (and often overlooked) angles that make information-overloaded Web surfers stop dead in their tracks and read every word of your copy.  See Page 55.

  • How to write mouth-watering "bullet points" that get your prospects' hearts beating faster, and amplify their desire for your product or service. This technique is so powerful that your prospects will literally feel guilty and deprived if they don't buy whatever you're selling.  See Page 49.

  • The exact wording you must use in your ezines, newsletters and other e-mail communications so that people will look forward with anticipation to your next e-mail -- and tear it open when they do receive it.  See Pages 186-188.

  • What you should do if the web copy you've written is not generating as much sales as you expected. This is the absolute best way to inject "selling octane" into weak web copy. It's absolutely fool-proof!  See Page 194.

  • The top 5 words you must avoid using in your web copy. When you use these words, you will eliminate all chances of ever making a sale.  See Pages 115-116.

  • Learn the little-known, seemingly innocent punctuation marks and secret formatting devices and simple language refinements that convert more prospects into customers by as much as 30%, 40% -- even 50% or more. If you don't know how to do these easy things -- you are definitely leaving a lot of money on the table.  See Pages 27-28.

  • How to write the all-important subject line of your e-mail so that your recipients will read it now -- instead of reading it later, or even (gulp!) deleting your e-mail altogether without even reading it.  See Pages 107-114.

  • How to never run out of hot web copywriting ideas -- there's even free software that will make your research process a breeze, and help you "flesh out" your copy in minimum time.  See Page 55.

  • What is the most important objective in e-mail marketing? You gotta get your e-mail delivered. This may sound obvious, but when you write your e-mails in a certain style or use certain words, e-mail servers that use sophisticated filters may identify your message as spam, and block your e-mail from getting delivered. Learn how to write properly so that this will never happen to you.  See Page 149.

  • How to craft text links that are engaging -- and highly clickable. Here, I reveal some of my jealously-guarded devices, and I'm swearing you to secrecy on these.  See Page 124.

  • The top 3 rules of writing compelling, irresistible web copy. If you do nothing else but follow these 3 rules -- you'll dramatically boost the profitability of any website.  See Pages 10-18.

The above is just an abbreviated list of the heavy-duty content assembled in Web Copy That Sells.  After all, the book contains the exact same power-packed material from my 6-week Web Copywriting Mastery Course that others have paid $997 to attend!

"I must admit your book, Web Copy that Sells, is probably the best book I've read to date about web copywriting -- or copywriting, for that matter.  Unlike the other books out there, Web Copy That Sells actually plugged me into my prospects'  thought process, showing me step-by-step how to sell to them.  I'll NEVER write copy the same again.  Your work will no doubt have a profound impact on my bottomline ... Thanks Maria!"

-- Scott Krech,

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You, on the other hand, can own Web Copy That Sells for not even half ($499) the cost of the course.  No, not even one-tenth ($99) of what my Web Copywriting University students paid for the same material.

You can
get your copy
of Web Copy That Sells for the modest price of only $21.95.  That's a savings of $975 off the price of the 6-week Web Copywriting Mastery Course.  But if you act now, you can get it at its discounted introductory price (32% off).

I should not have to convince you of the obvious benefits that Web Copy That Sells will bring you.  But if you think you can't afford $21.95, that's exactly why you need this book.  It'll show you how to start reaping website profits that will erase your money problems forever.  You simply can't afford not to have my book if you intend to do business on the Web or have a lucrative career as a Web copywriter.. 

"I am just blown away by the way Maria Veloso takes complicated copywriting techniques, such as applying psychological tactics -- and explains them so that I, a copywriting newbie, can easily understand them.  And not only understand them conceptually, but understand how to use them and feel comfortable using them in my writing.  Maria is nothing short of a copywriting genius, and Web Copy That Sells is the most outstanding book for learning how to sell on the Web!"

-- Tim Warren, Dallas, Texas,

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So now, the only question left to ask is ...

When do you want to turn your website into a fiercely talented
sales-generating vehicle?

My guess is, you answered:  "It couldn't be soon enough!"  Therefore, I strongly urge you to get Web Copy That Sells today.

Quite frankly, there isn't a book out there that's as comprehensive as this -- at any price -- that can propel your website to maximum earnings in minimum time.

"True genius is the ability to reduce the complex into its simplest form." -- Anonymous 

"When it comes to writing the words on your website that make people pull out their credit cards and buy whatever you're selling, Maria Veloso is an absolute genius.  But what's truly amazing is her singular skill in simplifying the craft of writing 'web copy that sells' into a discipline that's both learnable and infinitely easy." 

-- Thomas Myer, Freelance Technical Copywriter,

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It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned marketer, or an experienced copywriter, an Internet marketing newbie or a writer who's just breaking into the lucrative career of web copywriting.  Web Copy That Sells can teach anyone the right way to write results-producing copy.

I suggest that you grab your copy of Web Copy That Sells -- so you can  jumpstart your business, attract a flood of customers, outperform your competitors, and generate incredible online sales and profits

Wishing you prosperity and success,

Maria Veloso



"Maria Veloso's new copywriting book is simply INCREDIBLE!
I got a review copy of her book, Web Copy That Sells,
in the mail.  And it’s simply the most amazing book on
copywriting I have ever seen.  Maria breaks it down into
a simple process so easy that anyone can follow it.  I
always thought of myself as a gifted writer, but by
following the steps in her well laid out book, I was able
to take my writing to the next level.  I love the power of
words, I feel like this book has helped me unleash a whole
new palette to paint with.  The words that resulted were
simple, compelling, and powerful.  I'm so thankful for this 
incredible book!"
-- Kristie Tamsevicius, Publisher,
Brand Buzz Newsletter, 

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